Old Hollywood predicted flying cars in the future, but instead, we got 3D printed guns. According to Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro office, over a thousand people have downloaded plans to 3D print an AR-15. 

This all began after a guns-right activist group made a settlement with the United States, making 3D gun printing legal. Cody Wilson, head of a non-profit group called Defense Distributed, sued the federal government after being denied to printing guns. 

On June 29th, the settlement confirmed that the organization and Wilson could publish gun-printing files and print, but exempts them from export regulations. In addition, the United States government paid around $40,000 for Wilson’s legal fees. 

Alan M. Gottlieb, one of Wilson’s attorneys, commented, 

We asked for the Moon and we figured the government would reject it, but they didn’t want to go to trial. The government fought us all the way and then all of the sudden folded their tent.”


Regardless of the settlement outcome, states are trying to bar access to these printed guns. Shapiro denounces this result, along with many other officials. On Monday, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced the lawsuit he’ll be leading with eight other states and D.C. to restrict 3D gun printing.

Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania Governor, made the following statement:

The threat of untraceable guns in the hands of unknown owners is too daunting to stand by and not take action. Attorney General Shapiro and I will fight to protect Pennsylvania families and children. The federal government has abdicated its responsibility to keep our citizens safe, but we will not be deterred from working to ensure Pennsylvania safety laws are followed and our residents are protected from these dangerous weapons getting in the wrong hands.”

Featured Image via/ CNN