Pokemon Go is a game that requires the player to go outside and walk until they discover Pokemon out in the wild to catch. Naturally, there are those who are more of a home body and may not wish to leave the comfort of their property to search for Pokemon. There are also situations where individuals may not simply be able to leave their current location even if they are willing to venture out in search of more virtual creatures. This is where TRNDSLabs’ Pokedrone comes in handy.

The tech start-up is known for its nano drones that can be operated by small controls paired with your smartphone. The drone is so small, it can simply fit into the palm of a small child’s hand. TRNDSLabs has seen an opportunity with the latest sensation that is Pokemon Go and decided to create drones specially tailored for the game.


When in control of the drone, the user can simply fly it around until they find a Pokemon out in the world they wish to capture. Once it is found, you play the game as if you had walked and found it yourself all without taking a single step.

It is worth noting that by watching some of the demonstrations of the drone at work, the range does not seem to be very far. In reality, one would most likely stay fairly close to the drone and it is best suited for capturing Pokemon they may be out of reach by conventional means of travel (walking & driving).

While the Pokedrone seems like a cool concept, its longevity is questionable. Niantic and Nintendo have made it abundantly clear that they do not want individuals taking advantage of the GPS system by quickly fixing glitches that were present at launch. This seems to be yet another way to take advantage of the game and is not an officially licensed product. So take caution if you decide to acquire one for yourself. To learn more about the Pokedrone, head over to TRNDSLabs’ official website here.