U.S. citizens and legislators alike have been eager to discuss their discomfort with President Trump’s approach to the meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Said tension was only increased when Trump decided to discuss a public invite for Putin to a follow-up meeting in the White House this coming Fall. Apparently, someone decided to display their criticism at a higher volume, as a prankster placed a portrait of President Putin at the Colorado State Capitol.

The portrait was placed in the building’s Hall of Presidential Portraits, under a blank space in the wall where all other pieces of art are hung. The controversial art piece was quickly removed by a tour guide that was the first to encounter it. However, the state’s senator, Democrat Steve Fenberg, was able to understand the intentions of the painting and the humor behind it, choosing to take a picture of it and tweet it.

A presidential portrait like Putin’s and the ones behind it cost around ten thousand dollars each, and are paid with donations. The responsible director for managing the funds expressed his surprise for such a sudden and quick implementation of the funds for a Putin portrait, as it usually takes about four months to gather enough funds for one of these portraits. The summit with Putin occurred merely two weeks ago, which indicates that whoever worked for this to happen did so in a very fast way.

The irony of the situation was only highlighted by the director, as he stated that not only does Trump not have a portrait yet, but that absolutely no money has been donated for it.

Seeing that a Senator was willing to share the news with the world supporting the person who worked on this is definitely slightly encouraging for people who oppose the president, as it demonstrates that their voices are being heard by some politicians.


Featured image via Wikimedia Commons