On Sunday night, April 15th, a riot broke out in a maximum-security prison in South Carolina, leading to the death of seven inmates and left seventeen injured.

The riot began at around 7:15 p.m. at the Lee Correctional Institution. Amongst the inmates are some of the most violent, longest-serving criminals of the state. The riot was not pacified until almost 3 a.m. the next morning. The riot was described as “multiple inmate-on-inmate altercations”.

Within the institution, there are about 1,500 male inmates and it’s about 40 miles east of the capital of South Carolina. This was not the first time a riot has broken out. There had been multiple fights and altercations within the prison in the past years and a former warden at the institution has described it as the most dangerous prison in South Carolina.

Past fights and riots have also included deaths and injuries of inmates and officials. In the 2015 fight, two officers were stabbed and earlier last year, in July 2017, an inmate was killed during a fight. Four months later another was killed, followed by another inmate death in February. Last month, the institution lost control over one of its buildings for over an hour when it was taken over by several prisoners.

The frequency of these acts of violence and deaths have led to increasing attention and concern over the safety and stability of the Lee Correctional Institution. Considering there have been over ten deaths within the prison in the last twelve months, it’s important to consider measures and reforms to make it safer.

Featured Image via Wikimedia