Reuters and IPSOS recently released a joint poll chronicling American voters’ interests and concerns regarding the way in which national issues are being handled by the Trump administration.

According to the poll’s results, immigration has become the most important issue for American voters, followed by the economy and Trump’s trade wars. These will be the most relevant topics during November’s midterm elections. It’s probable that governmental candidates will use the results to more adequately address their voters’ concerns.

It is not surprising that immigration came out on top of the polls, as it has been the most discussed topic among citizens since the White House began implementing their “zero tolerance” policy on May. The policy called for every undocumented immigrant entering the U.S. to be prosecuted, even if said immigrants sought asylum.

Immigration only became more relevant as the public discovered that children were being separated from their families at the U.S. border, causing a tremendous backlash against the Trump administration. Despite Trump’s initial reluctance to change the legislation or apologize for the situation, the president eventually signed an executive order for the measure to be stopped. This measure was backed by a federal judge a week ago. The process of reuniting the families still remains a complicated matter, as the ICE and the HHS are struggling to follow through with the order.

Immigration was the main concern for 15% of voting Americans, while the economy was primarily concerning for 14% of voters.

This poll addressed which would be voters’ deciding factor when they cast their ballots in November.

There is a substantial difference between Republican and Democratic voters when it comes to the poll’s results. For Republicans, immigration has become a much more important issue, as 26% of their voters picked it as their main concern. This number is 14 percentage points higher than in the last poll done by Reuters/IPSOS.

Democrats demonstrated a very different set of concerns, with health care being the most concerning subject and the economy being a close second. Immigration was only a concern for half of the latter number, with a seven percent level of concern.

What has not changed since the beginning of the year is the approval rate of Trump’s handling of immigration, with 52% of voters disapproving his measures. However, the results between parties are almost comically opposite, with 81% of Republicans approving of the president’s approach and 84% of Democrats disapproving it.

This is one on the ongoing series of polls between the Reuters and IPSOS.

Poll results focusing on Trump’s handling of the U.S.-North Korean summit were published by Reuters around mid-June. The report showed Americans being almost equally divided in their perception of the events, as half of Americans supported Trump’s approach to the meeting. However, only a quarter stated that they thought his actions would lead to complete denuclearization of North Korea, which is a topic that has only become more intricate since the polls.

Reuters and IPSOS’ latest poll was conducted between June 28th and July 2nd.


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