Walking out of the metro station on 72nd street and Amsterdam at 8 A.M. does not really connote what is waiting right around the corner. The streets are unusually empty with only a few people and a plethora of police officers standing on the roads. “Just go straight down two blocks and hope for the best,” a police officer said, when I asked him how to get to the parade.

Walking down 72nd street headed towards Central Part West Ave, the amount of people on the street started increasing rapidly. The joyful screams from children and laughter from people going to the parade is becoming overwhelming. The atmosphere is stuffed with expectancy and excitement.

Reaching the center of the parade the street is now overcrowded. Selfie-sticks and turkey hats are just some of the few accessories the Thanksgiving-celebrating crowd has brought. Some people even arrived at the spot carrying ladders to help them get a better view without being one of the incarnated parade fans, coming at 6 am or even sleeping over, to get the best view possible.


As the time slowly approached 9 A.M., when the parade starts at the 77th street, the tension in the crowd is thick as butter. Small children pull their parents’ jackets, trying to get a seat on their shoulders to see more than just legs. People are leaning forward to get a better look “Okay okay, it starts now it starts now!” a man yells. Vaguely but positively two yellow, star shaped Macy’s balloons are to be made out in the horizon.

macys balloons

The first of the huge balloons are now to see, the two pilgrims. “Those are some fat pilgrims. Look at their heads, they’re so big!” a small boy says, causing the surrounding people to break out in laughter. Considering the tens of thousands of people attending the parade, the level of joy and overbearing is unbelievable.


As the show goes on, and several different balloons and bands are passing by people start to dance and sing along whenever a song is blasted though the instruments of the colorfully dressed bands, marching though the streets of New York City.

When a band comes by playing the Ghostbusters theme song, two women scream and high fives each other while singing along, causing the surrounding crowd to follow their lead. As of now it seems everyone down the 72nd street is chanting the theme song, while perpetuating the moment with all kinds of electronic devices.

After about one and a half hour, the gaps between the “paraders” are getting bigger, leaving people to notice their basic needs. All of a sudden you hear people talking about how their feet are hurting, that they have to pee and how hungry they are. This is though something that seems to stay in the short-term memory department of their brains, as when the giant Snoopy balloon comes to sight everyone lights up again.
As the humongous, inflatable cartoon flows over the crowd, people are ecstatic. Pictures are being taken by the million, as the Peanuts sweetheart runs over the sky, leaving children and childish souls glowing.

Now the big finish is close. Elves and snowflakes are dancing around elating the crowd. “Santa is coming mom!” a little girl screams, while her mom is trying to take a selfie of the two. “You know we met Santa at a Laundromat. Maybe he remembers us,” a girl said to a group of friends, as she turns her attentions back to the street heavily armed with both iPhone and SLR.

santa standup

And here he comes. The joyful screams will no end take as Santa and his reindeer drives through the stuffed street. Just him sitting there in his sleigh is generating so much excitement to the people viewing the scene.

Santa rises from his comfortable seat and waves like it’s a question of life and death. All the people gathered at the spot are waving back, taking pictures and several are yelling “Merry Christmas” and laughing in a Santa-style-way. Ho ho ho.

When Santa moves on, the mass of people start moving backward getting ready to go home, eat turkey and watch football with their families. Though right now it seems people are more excited about Christmas.

Source: Own images