Robert Redford announced in a recent online interview to officially retire from acting after his last two films are done with production.

This Thursday, Redford had an online interview with his grandson, Dylan. Redford discussed the importance of storytelling, painting, and sketching. The longtime actor reportedly told his grandson that he plans to focus solely on directing films and sketching.

Dylan asked his grandfather if he wants to return to painting, one of the actor’s other favorite passions. Redford replied that he wants to return to painting because he is tired of acting.

The actor commented that it is hard to be an actor when he considers himself an impatient person. He stated that its hard for him to sit around and do take after take at a film shoot.

Redford commented that at his point in life, it would give him more satisfaction to not be dependent on anyone else. At the age of eighty, the actor wants to create art on his own by going back to sketching and directing more films.

The actor stated that he plans to retire from acting after his last two acting projects in the works are released.

Redford’s will star in Our Souls at Night, which is set to co-star Jane Fonda. Our Souls at Night was produced by Redford and directed by Ritesh Batra.

His second film, Old Man With a Gun, is set to star Casey Affleck and Sissy Spacek. Reportedly on IMDB, Redford is expected to appear two other upcoming films The Discovery and Come Sunday.

Redford recently starred in A Walk in the Woods, which was based on Bill Bryson’s novel. The 2015 film chronicles two long lost friends who journey across the Appalachian trail, which is an estimated 2,000-mile journey. The film is considered an indie success because it grossed over 36-million -dollars on an 8-million-dollar budget.

Robert Redford won an Oscar for directing in 1980 for his film Ordinary People. Redford was also an Honorary Oscar recipient for the Lifetime Achievement award in 2002.