The Seattle Mariners’ second baseman Robinson Cano has been out for much of this season with a broken hand. More notably, he was suspended for taking a performance-enhancing drug.

The Seattle Mariners have had to figure out what to do when he gets back, as he will be able to make his return later this month. Dee Gordon went back to his more natural position of second base in Cano’s absence. Because Cano cannot participate in the playoffs, the team will be forced to keep Gordon in second base so that he does not have to reacquaint himself with his previous position at the most important time of the season.

The Mariners can’t simply put Cano at DH, because Nelson Cruz is very good at playing that position.

The team needs Cano to play because the Mariners are the only American League team currently holding a playoff spot that is at a genuine risk of losing it. The team is also in the middle of a long playoff drought which they surely want to end.

Because of this drought, Cano will have to try a new position. It sounds like the Mariners have figured out which positions they will have Cano try: the corner infield spots.

This makes sense, in a way. First base is generally considered to be the easiest position for players to learn, and Cano is already good at the parts of first base which are difficult.

Third base makes some sense, too. Kyle “Corey’s Brother” Seager is having a down year, and Cano has always had a very strong arm at second. Theoretically, Cano’s arm strength should translate to third.

It sounds like when Cano returns, he will be the backup at all three non-shortstop positions. He will also be designated hitter, and he will be in some sort of rotation to give each of those players a day off or so per week, keeping them fresh for when they participate in the postseason without him.


Featured Image via Flickr/Keith Allison