The battle for the democratic nominee left the party divided. While many people are happy with Hillary Clinton as the nominee for the democratic party, others still wish Bernie Sanders was running for the presidency. Sanders, however, is showing an effort to support Clinton and her campaign. According to CNN, Bernie Sanders has been spending quite a lot of time helping Hillary Clinton’s campaign. This leaves former Sanders supporters skeptical of his actions.

Sanders campaign against Clinton caught the attention of many people and he had the support of many in the United States. Sanders’ campaign specifically caught the attention of college students and minorities who believed in the reforms he was trying to make for both communities. However, Hillary Clinton has more political experience than Sanders which ultimately won her the nomination of the democratic party.

Sanders first expressed his support of Hillary Clinton at the democratic convention where he said the party needed to rally together behind Clinton and support her campaign. This also happened after Donald Trump got the nomination from the republican party.

People of the nation and former Sanders supporters are skeptical of Sanders’ new found support of Clinton. During the fight for the nomination, the two had very different views on many issues. This has many people questioning Sanders new found support of Hillary Clinton. While it is true that the two had many differences and still do, Sanders ultimately said that he can accept and support Clinton’s campaign and what she intends to fight for. CNN reports that Bernie Sanders was not completely happy with the final decision made by Clinton and her team (specifically her stance on affordable education in the US) but he was ultimately happy enough to start publicly supporting and encouraging the candidate.

Elections are a time of division and confusion among the people of the United States. As the election draws closer and closer, one can only wonder who candidates from both parties will have supporting them all the way to the polls.