During the run for the democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders caught the attention of many people all throughout the United States. Because of this, Sanders’ opinion on issues going on in the nation are very respected. One of his more recent comments has gotten media attention again, and NowThis reports that Sanders is commenting on Trump’s sexist remarks. The news has all curious as to what the politician said.

The interview where these statements were made was released on Friday, October 8th. NowThis released a portion of an interview they conducted with Bernie Sanders where he talks about several things pertaining to this year’s election. The main focus of the clip was his thoughts on Trump and his latest scandal. Sanders had the following to say:

“When you run for president, there has got to be at least a threshold of what I call decency. Right? You can’t go around treating women as if they were objects.”

Sanders has been a politician for a very long time and has been expressing his dislike of Trump and his policies since the businessman decided to run for the presidency. NowThis is also reporting that Sanders wonders how people can openly support Trump when he has been recorded saying these things. The man is also calling the remarks Trump made in the past (and present) towards women of the US and the world “disgusting.”

The latest Trump scandal has people in both parties now fully questioning whether or not Donald Trump should continue his run for office. The most recent comments even have republican figures who once openly supported Trump removing their affiliation with the man and his campaign. In spite of this, Trump is openly stating that he will continue his run for office.

This year’s election has been one full of scandal and the reveal of shocking secrets. Not only do both candidates have to defend themselves against each other, they must also make sure they have no shady secrets left in their pasts to be revealed.