The shoe company based in California is benevolent indeed. Toms has started a new trend on Instagram for a while. Through the charitable gesture, Toms urges at least one million Instagram users to click a picture of their bare feet. Not only a photograph, but also a hashtag of “#withoutshoes” in the image description.

For the first one million photographs uploaded, Toms will give away one million pairs of shoes; the point is to raise awareness. Blake Mycoskie, the founder of Toms said,

“By leveraging Instagram, we can really make this a participatory event globally. This isn’t just about advocacy and giving based on your buying. It’s about real giving for giving’s sake. About 40% of the shoes we give away are made in the countries where we’re doing the donating.”

Countries like India, Haiti and Kenya have Toms factories; the benefits will be going through Save the Children and UNICEF. This unique campaign style through a new media tool like Instagram is quite fascinating, for Mycoskie as well. Mycoskie said in an interview,

“To scale something like this in order to help more people is an incredible opportunity, and one that couldn’t have happened just a few years ago. Social media is what makes Toms possible. Spreading the word between people who care is so easy now.”

So what are you waiting for? Snap your bare feet and upload them this instant.

Image: Via Flickr/Steven Depolo