According to a report by 9to5Mac, Snapchat will now let its users delete sent messages, as long as they are unopened. The company is rolling out the feature starting today, and everyone should have the update within the next few weeks.

To delete a message that you may have sent by accident, press and hold on it. Users can delete sent text, audio, photo, and video messages. The person you sent the message to will receive a notification that a message was deleted, much like how Snapchat sends users a screenshot notification.

Another small detail outlined by 9to5Mac’s report is the availability of Snap’s second-generation Spectacles on Amazon. Previously, users could only order the devices on, but they will be available to purchase on Amazon starting today. The older first-generation model is also available for purchase.

The new Spectacles are priced at $149.99, and are offered in three colors: onyx moonlight, sapphire twilight, and ruby daybreak.