Mother’s Day Cold Open

SNL opened with a cold open that wasn’t politically charged and was more about what the mothers of the cast members thought about the show. This was a nice way to open the show the Saturday before Mother’s Day. Most mothers criticized the show’s portrayal of modern American politics, particularly Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump.

Kenan Thompson’s mother, Ann had one of the funniest lines during the open. It was about her son who is the longest-tenured cast member in the history of Saturday Night Live. She said, “I can’t imagine this show without you like I actually can’t remember when you weren’t on it.”

This cold open was nice break from politically-charged opens that have tended to be divisive. It’s also funnier than some of the sketches that occurred later in the night.

Amy Schumer’s Monologue

Amy Schumer hosted Saturday Night Live! this past weekend to promote a movie that she’s starring in I Feel Pretty that was released in April. The film only has a 5.1 out of 10 average rating based on 172 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Schumer’s monologue though is surely above average and is very heartfelt.

Schumer reflects on how she recently got married and will sadly never receive a “U, up?” text again. She continues to speak on how nowadays people tend to get married later in life. She jokes about how getting married in your 40s in New York City can seem too early and too soon. This is very funny but shows how the traditional concept of marriage has been broken and adapted to fit into the modern world.

The live audience gave Schumer’s monologue one of its loudest applauses when she discussed how women are always there for each other, especially when it comes to needing a tampon. Schumer also notes how women can feel ashamed to talk about their bodies and sexuality in public, due to the patriarchy. You don’t have to be a woman to empathize and be disappointed with the truth of her words.

One of the best lines from the monologue that sums up its purpose and meaning is, “Ladies, remember how we were raised with the illusion of equality,” Schumer said. “Right like that was our Santa Claus, right was that funny.”

Must Watch Sketch ­– Graduation Commercial

This sketch is a masterpiece about high school graduation and truly any type of graduation. It has jokes for the young and the old. Its pleasure and relatability cannot be fully described in words.

Please watch the video but some of its best moments include a student who gets cold feet and doesn’t do a back flip on stage, a graduating senior who tells his sophomore girlfriend that she doesn’t have to worry about college girls and the infinite number of dabs that occur during modern graduations. This sketch can make you want to relive with your graduation not for the sentiment but for the laughs.

Weekend Update

This week’s “Weekend Update” hosted by Colin Jost and Michael Che was pretty hilarious. The duo joked about President Trump’s good week such as his diplomacy with North Korea. One good laugh comes from the comparison of Trump undoing the actions of his predecessor Obama to the vanishing of Marty McFly from the 1980s hit “Back to the Future.” It is definitely worth the watch as the pair interact with guest characters and make fun of the events from last week.

Kacey Musgraves – Live Performances

Kacey Musgraves made her Saturday Night Live! debut this past weekend. Musgraves is an American country musician and she performed two songs, “High Horse” and “Slow Burn” from her critically acclaimed album Golden Hour that was released earlier this year in March.

The “High Horse” performance was upbeat and featured a rainbow that highlighted the stage. Musgraves seemed very confident while singing her song. During the “Slow Burn” performance, Musgraves played a guitar and really expressed her vocals. This song was slower but just as passionate as the other song.

The combination of Schumer and Musgraves before Mother’s Day created a solid night of comedy and music for Saturday Night Live.