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If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last ten years, you would have heard of Elon Musk. He is the tech billionaire, who plans to revolutionize the world through technology. He is the CEO of Tesla Motors and Space X, two highly successful companies. SpaceX is now planning to provide Global internet through which you can access the internet from anywhere in the world.

The experimental satellites will be launched this Sunday. The two satellites have been named Microsat-2a and Microsat-2b. These have been part of Elon Musk’s year-long plan to provide global broadband internet. The plan is to launch 12,000 broadband satellites in the lower Earth Orbit. These satellites won’t be operational until next year.

Satellite Internet Need and Mechanics:

The ability to launch satellites at such a fast pace shows the dedication of SpaceX. Most satellite firms have to spend a good amount of money to hire rockets for this purpose. However, SpaceX has its own fleet of rockets, which makes things easier for them.

Satellite broadband is already available, but it is quite expensive. So, SpaceX and other companies are eyeing to provide fast and reliable internet access. Companies and organizations only use traditional satellites, which requires the internet in remote areas. They usually pay $100 for a 5Mbps connection. Aviation Companies also use these satellites.

However, this satellite internet is too expensive for ordinary consumers. For now, SpaceX has targeted the average Joe, and they want him to enjoy fast and reliable internet connectivity in remote places. The basic idea is to place satellites in the lower orbit and reduce the time that the signals take to reach the Earth. SpaceX will slowly increase the user base, to provide Global internet.

To ensure good coverage, these satellite Companies will need to develop accurate tracking technologies and make reliable devices on the Earth to connect with them. They will also have to make use of radio frequencies. SpaceX is planning to make airways in the Ka, Ku and V bands.

If this operation turns out to be a success, it will make SpaceX the only Space Company to introduce Global internet. Elon’s Musk is planning to launch these satellites along with other firms, like OneWeb and Amazon. This whole project will require billions of dollars to become operational.

Theoretically, the idea of having satellites around the Earth to provide the internet makes sense. However, practically speaking, it is too costly compared to the present cable internet. Nevertheless, this project is attracting investors from around the world because of the introduction of newer and cheaper satellites, and the practical value of the idea.

Each of the companies is using the model of flying the satellites in orbits that are far lower than the traditional communication satellites. OneWeb will be the first company to move in the race because the entrepreneur Greg Wyler got the approval for this project. He first pitched his ideas to SpaceX and then to Google, but later made his own company called ‘OneWeb’. The Company launched its 12 satellites into space in Feb 2019.

Elon Musk’s Claims:

The first Company to launch the prototypes into Space was SpaceX. The test run was done in 2018, which turned out to be a success. Musk now claims that the first 60 satellites will start operating on 15 May.

However, things might not go as smoothly as SpaceX thinks because of the debris and other dangerous particles present in the space. According to Senators Cory Booker and Dan Sullivan, “Collision with even small debris particles, as small as 1 cm, can disable the spacecraft. One collision will lead to another collision which will ultimately have disastrous consequences.” SpaceX needs to consider the points of these critics seriously.

Global broadband internet has become a need of the modern world. SpaceX has given the proverbial “the sky is the limit” a completely new meaning. If this Global internet project of SpaceX becomes successful, it will revolutionize the tech world.