Donald Trump has offended several people with his unfavorable comments towards many minority groups. His comments towards Latinos and their culture have been especially upsetting to the people of the world. The candidate’s comments have finally resulted in a very interesting retaliation directed towards one of his businesses. CNN is reporting that a group of taco trucks have formed a barricade around Trump’s Vegas hotel. The news has many people interested in who is behind this protest.

The incident is reported to have taken place on Wednesday. CNN is reporting that about 100 of these trucks gathered around the vegas location. Those inside of the truck chanted “Dump Trump” and “Make America Great Again- Start here!” The people who participated in  this rally were also seen encouraging people to go out and vote so Trump does not gain the presidency. The trucks also handed out Tacos to all that passed by the hotel or approached them to see what the protest was about.

This protest was organized by a somewhat unlikely group. CNN is also reporting that the Culinary Workers Union staged the protests. The group represents over 50,000 people in the state of Nevada and has often publicly opposed Trump and many of the ideals that the man has been advocating for. This protest is part of the union’s campaign (started in September) to boycott all of Trump’s businesses and the businesses of his supporters. The protest also shows the Unions support of the community that Trump and his supporters have repeatedly bashed: the Latino community. By building a “wall” around the hotel, the union has been able to make a strong statement about how they feel about this year’s elections.

The Culinary Workers Union and the protest they organized was an innovative and controversial way to get a strong message out to the public. One can only imagine what effects this will have on the voters in the state of Nevada.