A helicopter makes its final drop as sun sets over a ridge that was burning near Redding during the ...

The Carr Fire that destroyed a hundred and twenty-five homes has now killed three people trapped in their home. Six total deaths occurred from the Californian wildfire. 

Currently, the size of the fire is as big as the city of Denver. And unfortunately, firefighters only contained 20% of it. The number of buildings destroyed went from 125 to 1,000. Carr has burnt about a 250,000 acres of land. 

The Bledsoe family suffered the consequences of the fire this week. In Redding, officials mandated evacuations. However, Ed Bledsoe was not aware of any. While he ran out for an errand, his wife, Melody, called panicking about the fire approaching. Within fifteen minutes, flames engulfed the home. Two children and a great-grandmother also lived in the household. 

Bledsoe said, 

They wanted to go with me and I wouldn’t take them with me because I didn’t have air conditioning in my damn truck. So I said, no it’s so hot out there, you guys stay here and Grandpa will be right back….I was talking to my little grandson on the phone, and he said, ‘Grandpa, please, you got to come and help us. The fire is at the back door, come and get us.’ I said, ‘I’m close by, son, I’m trying to get in there. I said I’m right by you, honey, just hold on, Grandpa’s coming.”

He saw the fire when approaching the house, and wanted to save his family. He comments,

I could hear them, the fire in there crackling. Emily was hollering that she loved me. She said, ‘Tell Grandpa that I love him. I love him.’ And then my wife was saying, ‘Tell Grandpa I love him with all my heart. My wife wrapped them up in wet blankets and got over the top of them. My dogs got in on them and they laid there until the fire took them.”


The hurt that Ed Bledsoe overwhelms him. He continues about how he never heard about evacuation warnings. 

Nothing. Absolutely not a word. Nobody told us nothing…. I would’ve done anything. I would’ve died right there with them. They’re that important to me.”

Right now, officials are investigating whether or not the Bledsoe household received a warning call or not from the department. Tom Bosenko, Shasta County Sheriff, said, “In the areas both before the Bledsoe home and after the Bledsoe home, there was evidence that notifications were made for the door-to-door notifications.”

Featured Image via/ East Bay Times