The Democratic National Committee was reportedly alerted of an attempted hack to its voter database. The Committee has notified authorities about the attempt. The DNC also highlighted the danger of cyber threats to the upcoming U.S. midterm elections.

According to two DNC officials, the Committee was notified of the hacking threat by a cybersecurity researcher from the Lookout firm. Although the hacking attempt was described as “sophisticated,” the hacker was not able to obtain data.

The F.B.I. is already investigating and intends to be more vigilant about preventing similar incidents from happening in the coming months.

The hackers’ identities remain unclear. The attackers targeted the Committee’s voter data system, Votebuilder.

A similar attempt, which was made during the 2016 elections, was tracked to Russia.

Intelligence agencies have already been taking precautions in order to strengthen the U.S.’ security systems, as Russian sources will likely attempt to interfere with the upcoming midterm elections.

The hackers reportedly created a fake DNC login page which mimicked the institution’s official website. They used this page to gather names, passwords, and other data. The hackers also sent emails to DNC officials, asking them to log into the page in an attempt to gather their information.

Bob Lord, the chief security officer of the D.N.C., released a statement which was intended to stress the importance of cybersecurity. His statement read:

This attempt is further proof that there are constant threats as we head into midterm elections and we must remain vigilant in order to prevent future attacks. While it’s clear that the actors were going after the party’s most sensitive information — the voter file — the D.N.C. was able to prevent a hack by working with the cyber ecosystem to identify it and take steps to stop it.”


Featured image via Pixabay