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Finally, the seventeen-day mission operation that left people around the world in suspense ended. The entire Thai soccer team has been rescued by rescue divers, with no casualties on the team. 

On Tuesday, the final team players and their coach managed to get out of the cave located in northern Thailand. Thai navy posted their success, confirming the news with a “Hooyah.”

หมูป่า 12 ตัว และโค้ช ออกจากถ้ำแล้ว ปลอดภัยทุกคนเวลานี้รอรับมนุษย์กบ 4 คน ออกมาครับผมHooyah

Posted by Thai NavySEAL on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The team went missing since the end of June. While exploring the caves, a flash flood occurred, trapping the team and the coach. The young team and the 25-year-old coach managed to survive with lack of water and heat.

Rescue divers had to figure out what seemed impossible to do. They had to safely take out thirteen people from the 2.5-mile cave, which 0.6 miles of the trip were underwater. Lamps and torchlight guided their way during the rescue trips. A guide rope would help direct the divers and the victims underwater. Before diving with the responders, the boys took anti-anxiety pills to relax their nerves. Also, the rescue divers taught the team to dive and even some players how to swim before proceeding with the mission. 


Responders rushed the entire team and the coach to a hospital near the Myanmar border. The recovery will be intense: quarantined, limited diet and mandatory eyewear to protect themselves from the sun. The time frame of recovery will go over a week. They will be monitored for contagious diseases or infections that could’ve stemmed from the event. According to officials, the first four boys that were rescued happened to be the weakest. Two out of the four got antibiotics to treat a minor lung infection. 


Narongsak Osatanakorn, leader of the rescue operation, talked about the mission during a celebratory press conference. During the meeting, he paid tribute to Saman Kunan, a former Thai Navy SEAL, who died during the rescue mission— the only casualty from the entire operation. 

The boys and the coach are expected to recover. After they receive the necessary medical attention, they will be able to return to their families. Narongsak concluded the conference with, “We have done what others thought was impossible.” 

Featured Picture via/ US Department of Defense