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American Law punishes prostitution. However, It is the place in the world, where this industry is more profitable. The informal market of prostitution in the US generates billions of dollars a year.  Because having sex is one of the most physiologic human needs. The lack of legislation drives this market to perform in opacity.  As a result, the procurers exploit the sex workers who become this way the biggest victims, and losers of this profitable industry. Except, legalization of this sector, could regulate the sex trafficking, and give back to the women their bodies.

The figures of the sex industry

With an income of 2.84 billion dollars a year, the American pornographic industry accounts for more than half of worldwide sector revenue. According to the French online Magazine; Economyandco, Every second, 28,258 people around the world are viewing a porn video. According to another French website, in an article writing about unusual statistics on porn on the web, revealed that 25% of all research on the web is linked to pornography. Altogether for explaining that sex is a natural need like going to the bathroom and feeding. The moral restriction, religion, and law, that circumscribe sex only a reproduction issue is total hypocrisy.

Sex and human health

Amount of scientist studies has demonstrated, the correlation between having sex and the health of a person. Those studies have shown that the more you have sex; more you reduce and prevent some kind of disease in your body, such as cardiovascular diseases, arterial tension, diabetes, prostate. It improves the temper, regulation of the blood pressure, and skin beauty, etc. Knowing these virtues, within a country like Sweden, people have paid for a sex break. An employee can leave his job for a bit to go home, to kiss, and even have sex with his partner.

Sex in ancient Greece

Considered as the birthplace of democracy and further as the father of western culture. Within ancient Greece; prostitution was lawful tolerated, and even promoted. Because they said, that one can protect married women against the queries of young men with too strong urges. At that time the brothels were located close to the Gymnasium so that sports people could use them after having exercise done.

The urgency for the regulation of this sector

The surveys reveal that 90% of worldwide, pornographic videos have been produced in the USA. It is also the place where those productions have been realized with the most violence on women’s bodies. Maybe, that can explain the reason why American x videos are very demanding around the world. Those sex workers suffer this violence without complaining because they are working illegally. Furthermore, it is necessary to put tags that you must not cross.

The benefit of a regulation

To protect our kids, teenagers, who must stay off these predators, and our vulnerable women, victims trafficking, sexual abuse, to have the law beside them, in the performing of their jobs. It becomes an emergency for the US administration should come with a bill to take over this sector. The Nevada State’s case can inspire the federal government, for a win-win outcome. So this informal business can perform, under the authorities’ eyes. A brothel and their sex worker can pay tax, has his insurance coverage, has his social security paid, etc. More ever this procedure can drastically reduce sexual harassment, rapped mainly sexually transmitted disease. Because nobody is going to be criminalized for something he can get legally.