For the American President, non-Caucasian foreigners would be terrorists or invaders.  For that, it is necessary to deny them access to American territory. He did not hesitate to compare Latinos, Haitians, and people from Black Africans countries “people from Shitholes countries”.

The American ideal

In the United States, we often talk about the “American dream” we claim that this country is a land of welcome and opportunity for all: such as refugees, exiles, minorities, religions, etc.  Yet, these communities face day-to-day discrimination and widespread stereotyping.  With the current President of the United States, stigmatization has reached its peak.

For the American President, all Muslims are terrorists. At this point, Mohamed Ali Jr and his mother Khalilah Ali,  both American born. The custom borders detained them for hours at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, on February 7, 2017. That happened after their trip from Montego Bay Jamaica.  They have pulled aside while going through customs because of their Arabic sounding.  Seated US today in an article published on February 25th. 2017.

We must be remembered that it is happened after the Muslim Ban. It is about an executive order for Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.  It was one of the very first measures that the president of the United States took after his inauguration, to protect, he said, the American people from terrorism.

This same president does not hesitate to compare Latinos migrants, those from Africa or Haiti: animals coming from “shit holes countries”. However, he says he is ready to welcome white nationals from the Scandinavian countries.  An approach that clearly shows that with this Republican President, that the United States wants to say no to racial diversity and this leadership role that it tends to be proud of: the famous American dream.

Who are the craftsmen of the American Dream?

The craftsmen of the American Dream”  are diverse and from everywhere. To show that immigrants do not only come to the United States as destitute, but as successful people, creating jobs, making America more prosperous. For instance, these people were born outside the United States and reached the top.  The sample will be very representative, black, Dumarsais Siméus, is born in Haiti, runs a food company in Texas, whose turnover reaches billions; white and Muslim: Hamdi Ulukaya, born in Turkey, a Muslim country  in Europe,  currently the CEO of Chobani Yogurt; and Indra Nooyi  born in India she is the current CEO of PEPSICO.

Above all, this article can demonstrate: even if you are not from Scandinavia, even if you are not a Protestant, or a Jew, whatever the way your name sound,  does not prevent you from having something to offer the United States.

Minorities through the Media lenses in the US

Two minorities are the most visible in The United States.  First of all, the Latinos, they are 16.7% of the American population.  The term that refers to them in English is “Spanish” because they have in common the Spanish language. They are often associated with “drug dealers”, alcoholism, street gangs, undocumented migrants, etc.  That is why the President of the United States wants to build a wall between Mexico and the United States border. According to him, this is the only way to protect his fellow citizens against the Spanish invasion, whom he sometimes calls animals, who live in “shit holes countries”. We believe that this Spanish term is not neutral. They used it in the media to identify the belonging to those who are not Caucasians white, in a word to describe the miserable.

Then we find the Black people.  In the United States’ media, they call them, Men of colors or African-Americans.  However, this category is subject to discrimination and stereotyping. They are classified as lazy, criminals etc.  The term used in the media to describe them is not innocent. It contains a whole socio-cultural, emotional charge.  They are among the poorest of the American population.  Furthermore, Those people are  12% of the United States population, they are in total 52% of the country’s prison population rate.