Often times when it comes to building a resume, people tend to list their past occupations with their job descriptions. A job description is a paragraph or list of things that are expected from an employee of a certain position but in many cases, employees end up participating in projects and assignments that are outside of their written job description yet become an important learning experience for them. Those extracurricular assignments are the ones that become some of the most rewarding experiences and teach you more about the business.

When applying for a new job or a higher position in your company, it is important to have a resume that is descriptive and truthful. Along with listing your prior jobs with their description, it is important to include any additional projects you were a part of that weren’t necessarily a part of your job description. Telling employers about your extracurricular work will show them that you are not limited to one thing and have experience in different aspects of work. Anytime you came up with a good idea at work whether or not your boss acknowledged you for it, it is important to write it on your resume. You should never ignore your ideas especially if you didn’t receive full support for it. Any time you did a favor for a colleague where you ended up performing a task that was different from what you did in your position, write it down. Letting employers know that you are a diverse employee that is helpful to coworkers and is able to handle any task will be extremely helpful.

Volunteer work and anything new you learn while being at your jobs should always be written on your resume. People have a false perception of what a resume should be and they end up limiting themselves to simply what the ideal job description for their position was when in reality there are many things you may have done and learned while working that should be noted. Those small tasks can be a game changer if an employer is looking for a hard working employee with many skills and ability to communicate new ideas while tackling many different projects.