As the reports of the police authorities and the military authorities revealed, the rocket hit the site of Burjesia which is located west of the city.
Source: Washington Post

The oil traders experienced a chill passing down their bones with the news of a rocket striking the area of the operations and residential headquarters of multiple global significant oil companies. The list of names included the giant of the domain like ExxonMobil of U.S, near Basra, located at the southern part of Iraq. The abrupt incidence took place on Wednesday. According to the reports of Iraq Military, there were three recorded casualties.

It is no hidden fact in international politics that Iran and the USA have been sharing an increasingly hostile relationship between them which has caused some of the previous attacks to the US military base in Iraq. However, no entity has so far admitted their allegiance or involvement with this attack.

The situation afterward

As the reports of the police and the military authorities revealed, the rocket hit the site located west of Burjesia. Burjesia is close to the Zubair oilfield which is operated by Eni. Immediately after the attack, police declared two injuries mentioning that two Iraqi workers got wounded. The Wednesday attack happened just when the Exxon staff was all set to return to Basra following the evacuation of diplomats. According to a security source, Exxon is all set to evacuate 21 foreign employees right away by aircraft to Dubai.

The rising hostility

The chronology of past incidences also reveals that the USA must have had an idea of such an event. Last month, the United States evacuated several of their high profile bureaucrats and diplomats from Baghdad Embassy following some threats from Iran. They reportedly mentioned that Iran had expressed annoyance regarding the United State’s interests in their neighbor, Iraq. Threats loom large on the US as Tehran; another neighbor of Iraq is in simpatico with Shi’ite militias.

The oil officials declared that the operations involving exports from southern Iraq did not get affected by the Wednesday incident further adding that Italy’s Eni SPA and the Royal Dutch Shell PLC are some of the other companies operating at the site.

The incidence

According to the reports of the militaries, the rocket belonged to a variety of short-range Katyusha missile.  The police confirmed that on the day of the incidence, the rocket landed 100 meters away from the segment of the site that was used as operations and residence center of Exxon. Washington has allegedly held Tehran responsible for the attacks on Gulf of Oman tankers, last week. However, Tehran has washed its hands off from any of these accusations and denied its involvement in any of these straight away.

Although, both the countries are keen to establish their unwillingness in raging a war situation in the near future, the social analyst has already warned that the course of incidences that have been taking place in this region clearly mark a threat of war anytime. Hence, these violent acts can catalyze an international war situation.

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