Recently, President Donald Trump has ordered the National Guard to the US-Mexico border in order to confront the threat of illegal immigrants, drugs, and crime, continuously emphasizing the growing “menace” of immigration.

His persistence in keeping immigration has led him to keep from compromising on immigration laws and enforcing very strict immigration regulations.  He has continuously been attempting to block asylum seekers, those yearning for the opportunity, and migrants with young children. It is disheartening to know that those who want to escape actual persecution due to their religious beliefs, political opinions, and membership in a particular social group, or even just their race or ethnicity. It is heartbreaking that young kids will continue to grow up in complete poverty and hopelessness, and never get the chance for a better future. This will result in a never-ending cycle of the lost potential of millions of people around the world.

Now, instead of just regulating immigration through laws and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), Trump has decided to bring the military into play. As if his current actions on immigration are not enough. He described the existing laws regarding immigration to be lax, unsafe, and ineffective. On the contrary, our countries influx of Mexican immigration was the lowest it has ever been in the past year.

It is evident that immigration policies have been the center of the current presidency of Trump, and has powered his political campaigns toward his respective constituents. It almost seems as though the military tactic is just a way to pursue the impossible goals that he made at the beginning of his term concerning immigration. Furthermore, he is using it to funnel a triumph against his political opponents.

The talk of sending the troops came immediately after news of people from Honduras traveling through Mexico with the intent of making it to America. “The Big Caravan of People from Honduras, now coming across Mexico and heading to our ‘Weak Laws’ Border, had better be stopped before it gets there,” declared Trump informally in a tweet.

It also came after a ton of arguments and conflict with immigration legislation in Congress, mostly over tweets.

It is apparent that he is very determined on this act. It has been confirmed that logistics of the deployment, like the number of troops, how long they will be deployed, and how much it will cost, are still being finalized.