Imagine the leader of our country, the leader of the people, the leader of the free world, ordering attacks on us. Imagine our loved ones dying and suffering in the street from a tragic chemical attack. We begin to fuel this hatred for the perpetrator, for those that caused this misery. And then, we find out it was the person who is supposedly representing our people. That is pure betrayal.

Dozens of innocent civilians were killed, and hundreds were left in extremely unhealthy conditions of chemical weapon exposure, leaving the city of Douma tattered and in grief. Now, after this attack, you can imagine what the citizens of Syria felt like after finding out that Syrian leader Bashar Assad attacked his own people. The government of Syria and their most powerful/loyal ally, Russia, denied the use of banned substances. However, they made it clear that they were responsible for being treacherous to their country.

After finding the truth on the events regarding the chemical weapons, the U.S decided to retaliate with a surgical strike. This means Trump ordered a missile strike on suspected chemical weapon sites in Syria. They intended to take out Syria’s chemical weapons capability, but this couldn’t have been the final solution that would end it all. This incident is just one of many suspected attacks on the government but was the only one found to be evident in the accusations.

This has funneled a newfound animosity between Russia and the US. It’s all too familiar and quite frankly frightening. There have already been tensions with Russia and western countries, since the suspected poisoning of a Russian ex-spy on British soil. Now, Russia attempts to accuse the British of being a part of the chemical attack. However, the focus should not be on the possibility of future enemies, but on alleviating the crisis within Syria.  The U.S, U.K, and France alliance haven’t been able to give any consistent strategies on how to handle the Syrian conflict long-term.