What we know about the Mexico City earthquake

What we know about the Mexico City earthquake

On Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 a magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocked southern Mexico. According to recent reports by The Guardian, over 230 people have been confirmed dead, 100 of which are from Mexico City. With rescue searches still ongoing to find any survivors, of today, 52 people have been pulled out alive.

This disastrous earthquake destroyed more than 40 buildings in the city alone, and thousands more designated unstable and unsound. One of the buildings to collapse was a private school, Enrique Rebsamen School, claiming the lives of more than 20 children and 4 faculty members. This school ranged from grades kindergarten to junior high school.

Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto announced this tragic news Tuesday night. However, hundreds of police and federal officers still rushed to the scene to try and save the lives of the young children will alive beneath all the rubble. Initially, two children were rescued, but throughout the day, rescue efforts declined.

Vladimir Navarro, a university worker, told The Washington Post that rescue workers are “just meters away from getting the children, but the rubble is unstable and they can’t access it until it is shored up.”

One girl, in particular, is of concern to reach as she is showing signs of life. As police and military search for information about who the child is, no relatives or family have approached in regards to her identity.

The US Geological Survey predicts that there will be nearly 1,000 fatalities in total, leaving an economic impact up to $10 billion. Although it has not been determined how long it will take to clean up the rubble, many say it will be a lengthy recovery.

This earthquake struck on the anniversary of the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City, one of the worst disasters Mexico ever experienced, which killed at least 10,000 people and numerous more without homes.

For now, rescue efforts continue in hopes to reunite more loved ones with their families.

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