June 11, 2018 marks a historic day for the world, as The United States and North Korea meet in a summit hosted by Singapore in order to come to an agreement about nuclear weapons and further build a relationship.

Authorities have designated zones around two high-end hotels, including the Capella Hotel on a resort island chosen as the summit venue, as “special event areas” that are subject to stricter security measures, including a ban on drone flights and curbs on maritime traffic.

Furthermore, Singapore’s private business are looking to capitalize on the meeting with promotional tie-ins. The City’s mint released the U.S. and North Korean flags on one side, with a dice and the words “world peace” on the other. Thus signifying how important the meeting could mean to the world if it is capitalized as a move towards “World Peace”

More than 2,500 journalists have registered to cover the meeting, according to the Singapore government.

Singapore is well placed to host such an event on short notice. It is among the world’s safest cities, with a government that keeps close tabs on its citizens. So why Singapore?

To begin with, Singapore is a safe city, with its policing, security and intelligence services making it the safest nation in Asia and the sixth safest country in the world. Singapore Armed Forces are also astonishing, being that every Singaporean male is required to serve at least two years in the military service.

Furthermore, Singapore is also experienced, Singapore regulatory host prestigious events like the annual Shangri-La Dialogue which is the Asian Security Summit.

Singapore is also a very well developed country. It has prospered as one of one Asia’s Tiger. In past history it has given sanctions to North Korea and though they are paying a cost for the summit with the tight security and space. It is a price they have reported to be willing to pay if it meant that they would be part of a historical moment.

Historically Singapore has remained neutral for more than four decades.

In fact, before 2016, North Koreans were able to travel to Singapore visa-free, making Singapore a travel destination for many North Koreans.

Aside from all this Singapore is too powerful and stable to be bullied by American policies and politics.

Initially, “Singapore was probably not a first choice for Trump or Kim. At the same time, it was likely an acceptable strategic second choice for both sides-based on diplomatic ties and security and safety concerns that singapore uniquely addresses,” said Jasper KIm, director of the Center for Conflict Management at Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul.

Besides, choosing the nations in itself, a  neutral venue was a necessity for the summit because it is considered to be an honest broke in international affairs.

Tuesday,  the summit would be at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island-is a 112 room luxury resort featuring modern villas and colonial-era building built in the 1880s to house British military officers and their families.

Trump believes that “Working together, we will get it taken care of” and Kim agreed that “there will be challenges ahead but we will work with Trump. We overcame all kinds of skepticism and speculations about this summit and I believe that this is good for the peace.”

This is a historical moment because it is the first time that the United States, an advocate of democracy and capitalism would be making an effort to build a relationship with a dictatorship who holds communism to a high standard.

Though, the promise of world peace is a bit over opemetic we are hopeful that this bridge the two countries.

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