Category: Europe

Volkswagen Apologizes for Testing Exhaust Fumes on Monkeys

On the heels of Volkswagen AG’s diesel-emissions cheating scandal, the carmaker apologized for using a test that exposed monkeys as test...

Millions Worth of Goods Recovered After Unsuccessful Raid on Ritz Hotel

Five thieves attempted to rob the Ritz Wednesday night. They were entirely unsuccessful and botched the operation. They “entered by the...

New Blue British Passport Makes Waves

The UK will be issuing a new, blue passport for people renewing or applying starting Oct. 2019 after Brexit. Previously burgundy, the new...

McDonald’s McVegan Introduced in Europe

McDonald’s new McVegan burger sells in Europe. Sold with the standard ingredients of lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mustard, and...

British Secretary of State’s Secret Meetings With Israeli Ambassadors

Priti Patel, British Secretary of State in International Development, resigned last week due to a conspicuous breach in regulation when she...

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