Posts by: Erica Zamora Reyes

The Dog Flu Has Been Detected in Florida

After two years of the dog flu spreading through 10 states, there have been seven cases of the dog flu in Florida. The University of...

Scientists Redicover the “Faceless” Cusk off the Australian Eastern Coast

In the depths of the abyss off the Australian Eastern Coast, scientists rediscovered the “Faceless” cusk that has been absent from...

Machina Designs a Shirt with Technology to Enhance Virtual Reality

Machina is providing a way for technology and fashion to immerse together for mobile virtual reality pushing the limitations of what can be...

Extremely Large Telescope Begins Construction in Chile

Construction for the largest optical and infrared telescope, known as the Extremely Large Telescope, has started in Chile this Friday to...

The 5th Installment of Pirates of the Caribbean is Debuting Ahead of Baywatch

While the new installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise opened with roughly 23.4 million dollars, Disney’s Pirates has topped...

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