Posts by: Li Cohen

U.S. Launches Military Strike Against Syria

The chemical attack on Syrian civilians this week caused an outcry from much of the world. Now, the U.S. is taking repercussions into its...

Assad Regime Launches Chemical Attack on Syrian Civilians

When a regime has too much power, that power comes at a large cost of civilians. Early Tuesday morning, Syria’s regime attacked one of...

UN Workers’ Bodies Found in Congo

After two weeks of searching, investigators finally found the remains of missing UN officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The UN...

Officials Begin Brexit Negotiations

The United Kingdom made history earlier this week, as they officially notified the European Union they are leaving the bloc. To begin...

Former National Security Adviser Will Only Speak About Russia if Granted Immunity

President Donald Trump’s administration remains under fire for their Russia-meddling allegations. While many White House officials...

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