Posts by: Sharnita Sanders

United States and Canada Argue over NAFTA and Softwood Lumber

The softwood lumber dispute between the United States and Canada is just one trade argument that seems like it’s going to take a few...

Man Sentenced to two Years for Hack on Xbox Live

What happens when you create a program that allows you to make 1.7 million attacks on Xbox Live, Minecraft, and TeamSpeak? A young man from...

Small Town on Sale for $3.5 Million in Oregon

The tiny town of Tiller, located in southwest Oregon, is looking for a buyer. The asking price for the timer town is just about $3.5...

Malware Tricks Over 600,000 Android Users

Android users might have put themselves in danger and not even know it. It’s estimated that over 600,000 users accidentally downloaded...

Trump Says ‘Won’t Stand’ for Canada’s Dairy Tax

Some might be worried about the fights being started overseas but what about the one right in our own back yard? On Tuesday, President...

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