The Belief of Climate Change is Evident Among Americans

The Belief of Climate Change is Evident Among Americans

Yale’s University Survey study shows that 70 percent of Americans believe in the climate change and that government should fund research for renewable energy sources.

Wednesday, April 5, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse gave another speech addressing climate change in front of his fellow colleagues in Congress. Marking Senator Whitehouse’s 163rd “Time to Wake Up” speech about climate change.

This study which is a climate opinions map of 2016 is based on infographics of data produced from a national survey response of more than 18 thousand people between 2008 to 2016.  This study reveals there is a gap between what scientists think and say on the matter of climate change and what people believe scientist know.

49 percent of people believe most scientists think there is climate change, while the scientific reality is, 97 percent of climate scientists agree climate change is occurring and is likely caused by humans.

Yale’s study shows 70 percent of people believe in climate change. One percent below the 71 percent who trust climate scientists who think global warming is occurring. Then, the reasons for climate change can be from humans causing it, a 53 percent of people’s belief, to natural causes beyond human control to complete denial.

With the results of Yale’s study, it reveals people understand a little bit of the situation of the climate changing; however, it has shown that people believe the government should fund research on renewable energy sources and regulate the carbon dioxide as a pollutant.

Nevertheless, a recent executive order was signed which reduced the Clean Power Plan meaning it’s eliminating regulations that sets limits on how much carbon dioxide and other pollutants are released from power plants.

Along with this new executive order, Trump’s Administration budget proposal for 2018 is suggesting massive cuts of 1.7 billion dollars from the Department of Energy’s Budget. Under the Department of Energy’s Budget, it helps fund the nation’s energy policies and research that includes the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado.

In this proposal, it will also be cutting 5.7 billion dollars from the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) that develops and enforces environmental regulations and runs the Energy Star Program. A program helping buyers to identify and find energy-efficient appliances and buildings.

According to a 2016 survey given by the Center of American Progress Action Fund, it reveals a 34 percent of Congress skepticism towards the occurrence of climate change.

Senator Whitehouse has mentioned results of a 2017 Gallup poll which indicated 62 percent of the people believe global warming effects have already begun.

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