Graduation Cap & Gowns: A Pointless and Expensive Tradition?

    It’s your big graduation day! You’re graduating after four years, or maybe more if you’re getting a higher degree in college, and it’s finally the grand ceremony everyone hypes up so much. And what are you forced to wear? An oversized poncho with a cutting board hat and bike tassels down to your neck. That sounds worthy of a ceremony, doesn’t it?

    Why do social norms make you wear just a ridiculous looking outfit at one of the most important events in your life? Whatever happened to just wearing a suit and tie? Isn’t that usually the most official and business attire? Not only do you look dumb and overly hot in the cap and gown, but it’s also way too expensive! $26 for the cap, gown and tassel, which is bad enough on its own, but the handling & delivery is $9.95 combined with a $2.88 tax brings the cost to an insane $38.83! All that for a cap and gown that you’re only going to wear once and then hang in a closet for the rest of its existence.


Image courtesy of Oak Hall Cap & Gown

    “They’re like overpriced rags,” Center High senior Kevin Nguyen said. “You get them once just for the ceremony and never use them again.”

    Some people I have talked to disagree, however, arguing that the gowns are a way to properly celebrate graduation and the effort seniors have put in throughout all their years of high school.

    “I think that our staff should wear caps and gowns at graduation to respect the seniors,” MCA instructor Rob McInnes commented.

    It seems people are split on this. Some see it as a pointless and expensive tradition and some see it as a proper way to celebrate the seniors’ hard work. What do you think? Let us know in the comments if you think they are a welcomed symbol of finishing an important stage of your life or as a useless cash grab designed to look as awful and unflattering as possible.

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