New York City’s Ban on Trans Fats Show Promising Results

New York City’s Ban on Trans Fats Show Promising Results

A new study shows that trans fats banned in certain counties of New York have declined in hospital admissions for heart attacks and strokes.

New York City was the first city to ban trans fats in restaurants and in fast-food locations. In 2007, New York City banned restaurants from serving trans fats which several counties began to do. Albany county, in 2009, banned the trans fats in local restaurants and food-services establishments as well.

Researchers then collected data from 2002 to 2013 in 11 counties that adopted the ban and 25 counties that didn’t adopt it. They found that the hospital admissions for heart attacks and strokes declined in all the counties. It was a steeper declined in admissions for the counties that banned the trans fats.

A 6 percent decline in heart attacks and strokes were found in the counties with the ban. According to the lead author Dr. Eric Brandt from Yale University, the study’s results to having 43 fewer heart attacks and strokes out of 100 thousand people.

Although, Alice Lichtenstein a heart and nutrient specialist at Tufts University’s Boston campus states there can be other contributions to the decline in heart attacks and strokes such as the mandatory calories in menus for people to be aware of their intakes.

This study was published on Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s (JAMA) Cardiology where it can be found.

Trans fats are what give the food textures and structure which is common in the usage of making French fries, fried chicken and foods found in the grocery items such as cookies. They can clog the arteries in the body and raise blood levels of unhealthy cholesterols which can cause heart problems.

By 2006, the FDA required food labels to state their trans fats. There have been switches the oils used such as olive oil which is a healthier oil.  So, after 2018, if trans fats want to be used permission is going to have to be asked from the FDA.

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