A Possibility of a Vaccine for Acne Problems

A Possibility of a Vaccine for Acne Problems

Adolescents and adults have dealt with acne problems, a common skin condition for a while, however, there is a possibility for a vaccine to help prevent effects of acne.

According to the National Healthcare System of England, Scotland and Wales (NHS), there is an 80 percent of people between the ages of 11 to 30 who suffer from acne. It is most likely to be found five times more in women than in man.

In fact, acne specialist Joshua Zeichner has stated each year women are increasingly suffering from acne. These acne problems could be linked to hormonal changes in the body which cause the grease-secreting glands to overly produce oil to periods and pregnancy in women, but the definite reason for its cause is still not identified by scientists.

Even though there are natural or chemical based products to help deal with this skin condition, there is still lacks a proper solution to help deal with acne until now.

Scientists from the University of San Diego have been working on a solution to help prevent the effects of acne problems which develops in puberty and is a commonality in adults.

Leading researcher Eric C. Huang told Allure Magazine that scientists have discovered the toxin protein which that the P. acne bacteria conceal on the skin which leads to inflammation and causes acne to appear on one’s skin. However, they have found an antibody to the toxin protein.

The vaccine will attempt to prevent the effects of acne on the skin that will not kill off the P. acne bacteria since it has shown to be good.

Skin biopsies have been collected from people who suffer from or have acne to have the vaccine tested on. These early results show hope in this vaccine to resolve the acne problem adolescents and adults deal with especially the increasing numbers for women.

The nest step scientists are looking forward to is the first phase of the clinical trials that is to last a year or 2 years for stable results.

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