Category: SCIENCE

Nebula Revolutionizes Genomics Industry with Cryptocurrency

While most blockchain-based startups and companies transitioning into digital currency are met with heavy skepticism, Harvard genetics...

Whales and dolphins are more human-like thanks to their bigger brains

According to a study published on Oct. 16 in “Nature Ecology and Evolution,” cetaceans, like whales and dolphins, grew larger...

Bubonic plague scan

Black Death outbreak in Madagascar kills at least 33

For those of you thinking the fearsome plague died along with the Middle Ages, think again. Madagascar has reported over 200 infections and...


California wildfires devastate wine country

On Monday, strong wildfires accompanied with ferocious winds at 50 to 60 miles per hour began to devastate the northern area of California....

Self-driving car crashes due to human error

Since their creation, there has been speculation about whether self-driving cars are safe to travel in. Just recently, Reuters reported...

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