Eyes Underground: Using Lasers to View Buried Maya Cities

Archaeologists are applying laser technology to digitally “unearth” Maya cities in Guatemala. The process will change what the world...

Volkswagen Apologizes for Testing Exhaust Fumes on Monkeys

On the heels of Volkswagen AG’s diesel-emissions cheating scandal, the carmaker apologized for using a test that exposed monkeys as test...

Bitcoin Mania, No Nickeling-and-Diming Here; A Look at the Cryptocurrency Beginnings

Welcome to our first feature of many on the history, meaning, worth and future of Bitcoin and all cryptocurrency in general. Our first...

Nvidia Asks Retailers to Target Gamers to the Exclusion of Cryptominers

Nvidia wants retailers to sell their GPUs to gamers rather than cryptominers for good reason. Nvidia Corporation invented the GPU, which...

Samsung Trademarks Metal 12, a New Magnesium Alloy

The constant search for a competitive edge in the technology industry led Samsung to develop and trademark Metal 12, a new...

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