Teenager Dies from Eating Pancakes


A 16 year old died last June after the teen ate some pancakes at a local restaurant and died because of an allergy. Now the family wants retribution for their loss and is suing the restaurant because they claimed that the pancakes were not only gluten free, but dairy free.Pancake-death-31315

Photo By: WCCO Family Photos

Scott Johnson’s mother has decided to sue the restaurant because she felt they were negligent to the families. Cindy Johnson told KFOR 4,

“Things that you wouldn’t even imagine have dairy in them.” Cindy then told reporters that the family rushed to the hospital and to emergency room after Scott told his parents, “We have to go now.”

The family did use Scott’s epipen and nebulizer, two things that normally work during his episodes, but this time they failed to open up the teen’s lungs.

Scott lasted 3 days, but then died due to anaphylactic shock, which resulted in the teen having heart failure. The family is understandably distraught over the events that have enfolded last June, and Scott’s mother clearly has ill feelings towards the restaurant after she states, “Just one mistake can take someone’s life. I miss him just as much today as the day after.”

The courts are going to have decided whether or not the restaurant is liable in this situation. If you are a customer or parent who knows you or your child has a severe allergy, then you know the potential risks that are out there by eating in a restaurant that may not follow the same standards you have when it comes to allergy safety.


  • Bootlips Johnson

    Why would the parents allow this teen to have pancakes at a restaurant? Especially when the kid has severe allergies, which can have cataclysmic results?

    I have a food allergy or food intolerance. So I understand the importance of avoiding certain foods. If I don’t, I suffer, so I avoid anything which will cause an outbreak.

    I feel bad for this family, but it could have been avoided if the teen was only allowed to eat things which he wasn’t allergic to. That’s what I do.

    • Joel Gibson

      I agree totally!!!

  • Joel Gibson

    I really feel the pain of the family but how is it the fault of the restaurant? Parent’s should have responsibility in making sure their children eat what they are suppose to… Or I’m at crazy to think so???

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