Saturday 16 December 2017
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Trump: Police Love him, African Americans not Much

The Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump declared Tuesday that the African-American community is in the “worst shape it’s ever been in this country”. An announcement he made to an almost completely white audience in Kenansville, N.C. While at the same time, just about an hour and a half away in Charlotte, a group of mostly black protesters were finding themselves in a heated clash with police over the controversial police shooting of yet another person of color, Keith Lamont Scott.

Both of the scenes addressed the phenomenon of the violence against black bodies — but the voices appear to be coming from completely opposed directions. If anything Donald Trump is showing his true self when he spoke in Kenansville, N.C. Not in that he cares about the African American Community, but in that he understands that black lives matter, or in his case they matter because without them he could very well lose the election.

Clearly, all politicians at one time or another make reaches into issues that are’nt their top priorities in order to gain votes. Though in this case its a little over the top. Trump, who has clearly demonstrated he has racist tendencies, has never shown interest in an African American Community and its state. The reason? There’s been nothing to gain for him by doing otherwise. Ironically this group of people Trump has written off his entire life, may hold the key to his becoming the next president.

Fortunately, unlike the police who think Trumps on their side, people are not falling for Trumps very lame attempt to gain some votes. The truth is, Trump has been on this planet for many years and in those years he has done one real thing, build wealth. Nothing wrong with that at all. But never once outside something that gained him some attention or a favor in business has he  ever done anything for other people. And it wouldn’t make sense for him to, he is a businessman and that is what they do. But the real question here is why would a man who has done this his entire life suddenly change?


Hello and good day. My name is Zachary Dahl. Currently I live and work in New York City. I really enjoy going out to eat here and the diversity of foods available to me. I also enjoy the arts and culture the city affords me with countless museums, art shows and neighborhoods. In my downtime I really enjoy spending time in my small herb garden which has grown beyond my expectations. Its so nice to just sit out there after the stresses of the day and unwind. Lastly I really enjoy the art that is writing. I feel it can transport you to anywhere you desire and is one of my most treasured tools. Like most writers I have ambitions to publish, but am proud and happier than you could know at embarking on this internship.

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