United Airlines Policy Changes After Incident Went Viral

United Airlines Policy Changes After Incident Went Viral

United Airlines has announced on Friday there will be a change to their policy on crew members bumping passengers after they received global criticism from a video going viral.

David Dao, a passenger on Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville, refused to give his seat to one of United’s crew member. Having refused his seat to a crew member, Dao was forcefully removed by being dragged from his seat. He suffered from a concussion, broken nose, and missing 2 front teeth according to his attorney Thomas Demeterio.

So, another incident like the one from Flight 3411 does not happen again, United airlines who is owned by United Continental Holdings Inc. has made changes to their policy. They have said their crew members planning to travel on an airplane that is book must book their seats at least 60 minutes, an hour, before the departure.

Meaning crew members are no longer able to bump a passenger who has been seated in the airplane, in any one of their airplanes. It also means that a crew member who has not booked the hour before departure will not be allowed to bump anyone. They will have to wait for the next available flight.

If there is a need to displace a passenger, it needs to be taken place before departure and before boarding.

United Airlines has already apologized to Dao for the incident and has also said it stands the executive of United Airlines Oscar Munoz who has been attacked for the incident that has taken place and who does not plan to resign.

United Airlines is taking this policy change as the first step of reviewing their policies to gain the trust of their customers but to also deliver the best customer experience they can.

This change in policy from United Airlines has brought another airline, Delta, to reconsider their policy on bumping passengers.

Delta is now authorizing their supervisors to offer almost 10 thousand dollars in compensation to displace a passenger more that the thousand they were offering before.

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