Category: Middle East

Tensions Unfold Between Pakistan and the U.S. as Washington Suspends Security Assistance to Islamabad

Since the 2011 capture of Osama Bin Laden, concealed away in the outlands of Abbottabad, Pakistan, the U.S. has had their doubts about...

Malware Shuts Down Industrial Safety System

Trisis Malware shut down the industrial safety system of a plant in the Middle East mid-November. Also known as Triton, the Trisis malware...

British Secretary of State’s Secret Meetings With Israeli Ambassadors

Priti Patel, British Secretary of State in International Development, resigned last week due to a conspicuous breach in regulation when she...

U.S. Navy Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Military Vessel in Persian Gulf

On Tuesday, a U.S. Navy patrol boat in the Northern Persian Gulf fired warning shots at an Iranian military vessel that approached it at...

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