Young Sheldon Moving Forward as The Big Bang Theory’s Prequel

Young Sheldon Moving Forward as The Big Bang Theory’s Prequel

The Big Bang Theory, the biggest comedy series on broadcast is getting an offshoot. CBS is moving forward with the prequel Young Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory for 2017-2018 season.

The half hour comedy series will center around young, genius Sheldon Cooper living in Texas with his family. Attending high school at the age of 12, Young Sheldon was originally described as Malcolm in the Middle will now be a single camera series.     

During the 10 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, there was plenty of references to Sheldon’s childhood as a young gifted child and his religious mother. These past references of Sheldon allow the creators to work with plenty of material and allows for a structure to follow. Unlike other television series who wrote their seasons ahead of time, The Big Bang Theory was written by episode making room for a stable pace for story development.  

Creator Chuck Lorre and executive producer Steve Molaro had been casting ahead of production for the pilot episode. Although, the episode count hasn’t been determined.

Actor Iain Armitage known for Big Little Lies (2017) and his YouTube channel Ian Loves Theatre, has been cast as the younger version of Sheldon Cooper. Laurie Matcalf will not be reprising her role as Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s mother in The Big Bang Theory. Instead, Sheldon’s mother is going to be played in the prequel by Zoe Perry whose known for The Family (2016) and Private Practice (2007).

Attached to the prequel series, Young Sheldon, from the original show is Jim Parson. Parson will be narrating the comedy series as the adult Sheldon. Set to direct and executive produce the pilot episode is Jon Favreau.

Since spinoffs are becoming seen as a way of keeping the bankable franchise going there is a drive to produce them from well-sustained shows that have a fan base which could extend to the prequel.

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