There is something sinister in the works behind the closed doors of Aston Martin’s factory. Last month the CEO of Aston Martin, Andy Palmer, confirmed the British auto manufacturer was developing a hypercar internally known as the AM-RB-001. A car that is now more popularly known as project “Nebula” and will be built in collaboration with Red Bull and designed by Adrian Newey, the chief technical officer of the Red Bull Racing Formula One team.

If the big names behind the project still don’t have you impressed, then you should know project Nebula’s goal is to lap the road course known as Silverstone as quickly as an F1 car. Aston Martin has been fairly tight-lipped about Nebula, however, thanks to Jalopnik, more information about the hypercar has been uncovered by a source who attended an owners event.

The Nebula reportedly will contain a 7.0-litre V12 that has a redline of 10,000 rpm and can make 1,000-hp. To ensure the car achieves the F1 territory lap times, it will only weigh 2300-lbs. This is where Newey will come in. Instead of using wings and spoilers to create downforce, the car will purely utilize body panels to ensure it doesn’t take flight.

If this has you wondering what exactly this car will look like, we, unfortunately, do not have answers due to nothing being confirmed by Aston Martin. With the currently reported formula, we can speculate that it make take on the appearance of other track dedicated cars such as the Radical SR8, and Caparo T1 with Aston Martin design features sprinkled here and there. The report also states that there will be seating for two individuals but it will be tandem seating (think fighter jet style seating).

It’s important to note that nothing has yet to be confirmed by Aston Martin and there is no guarantee the car will even be street legal. What we do know is this car will be fast and exclusive. Like the One-77 and Vulcan, all models will likely be spoken for before development is finished, making it a car you’ll likely only get to drive in Forza.


Featured Image Via Aston Martin