Saturday 16 December 2017
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Category: Americas

U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba

Cuba cautions U.S. against making hasty decisions over mystery attacks

Cuba’s Foreign Minister warned the U.S. Secretary of State during their meeting Tuesday to not be hasty with decisions regarding the...

Shipping containers en route to port

Trump lifts shipping restrictions but Puerto Rico’s aid remains trapped

President Donald Trump has loosened foreign shipping restrictions to Puerto Rico Thursday in a bid to hasten the delivery of aid and...

Hurricane Maria destroys Dominica

“It’s total devastation” in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

As people across Puerto Rico woke up Thursday morning, they were confronted by the staggering aftermath of Hurricane Maria’s passing. The...

What we know about the Mexico City earthquake

On Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 a magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocked southern Mexico. According to recent reports by The Guardian, over 230...

Members of ‘uncontacted’ Amazonian tribe allegedly slaughtered by gold miners

Brazilian authorities are investigating reports of a massacre of about 10 members of an uncontacted tribe living in a remote part of the...

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