Thursday 21 September 2017
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What happened to Barbuda?

Barbuda is a small Caribbean island located north of Antigua in the Caribbean Sea. A commonwealth nation of Antigua, Barbuda is home to a...

Irma pummels the Caribbean, Florida and Georgia under threat

Hurricane Irma is currently making its way through the Caribbean on its path towards Florida’s east coast. Following a report released by...

Irma plows through Caribbean, U.S. braces for impact

Following a few weeks after Harvey, the world now watches Hurricane Irma as it approaches the southeastern shores of the United States. The...

Harvey continues to bombard Texas, will hit Texas-Louisiana border Wednesday

Harvey has more devastation in store for Texas. The hurricane turned tropical storm will make landfall once again on Wednesday, this time...

Flat Earthers and the once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse

Across the United States today, countless groups of people gathered to watch the skies for a solar eclipse the likes of which hasn’t been...

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