Guns vs. Education

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Reddit WhatsAppSince mass shootings have become such a frequent occurrence, it is no wonder Utica College located in Upstate New York sprang into action the minute they received threats from an individual, presently unidentified, who declared themselves armed with a weapon around on campus grounds. Utica College has approximately 5000 students who attend classes on campus and online. Due to the calamitous events that have transpired at about 11am Monday morning, all of these students as well as the staffs have been removed from campus grounds…

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In-Flight Peanuts and Confidential Anti-Terrorism Documents

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Reddit WhatsAppA confidential Department of Homeland Security (DHS) December 2017 anti-terrorism report on anthrax was discovered by a CNN employee after having been left in a plane’s seat pocket. The document detailed how the DHS would respond in the case of a bioterrorism attack during the Super Bowl, CNN reported Monday. It outlined ways to improve after confusion in recent drills. The report’s cover sheet indicated that it belonged to DHS’s “BioWatch” program, created in 2001 and operating since 2003, CNN reported. It’s the “nation’s only…

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Tensions Unfold Between Pakistan and the U.S. as Washington Suspends Security Assistance to Islamabad

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Reddit WhatsAppSince the 2011 capture of Osama Bin Laden, concealed away in the outlands of Abbottabad, Pakistan, the U.S. has had their doubts about Pakistan’s alliance with the American government. With Donald Trump in power, unresolved questions and suspicions have escalated. Washington raised the suspicions by denouncing Pakistan of playing a “double game,” in regard to Pakistan’s possible aid to the Taliban and association with the Afghani guerilla insurgent group, the Haqqani network. In 2012, soon after the arrest of Bin Laden, Pakistani doctor Shakeel Afridi,…

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Terrorist in Manhattan attack was “radicalized domestically”

Manhattan's West Side Highway bike path

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Reddit WhatsAppTuesday afternoon, a man drove a rental truck down a bike path, plowing down anything and anyone in his way, killing 8 and injuring nearly a dozen more. The attack is the deadliest terrorist incident in NYC since 9/11, just over 16 years ago. The attack began at 3:05 pm, according to NYPD, when the suspect drove the truck over a curb onto the popular West Side Highway bike path. It ended just blocks away from the World Trade Center, across from the Stuyvesant High…

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Somalia moves into three-day mourning period after deadly Mogadishu bombing

Mogadishu, Somalia

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Reddit WhatsAppAs the death toll continued to rise on Sunday following the deadly attack in Mogadishu, Somalia’s president announced a three-day mourning period, The New York Times reports. Casualties from Saturday’s truck bombing are more than 500, with at least 276 reported dead and 300 injured. A press release posted to Twitter from the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management in Somalia wrote that the reported numbers are “expected to rise as more victims continue to be rescued from the rubbles in the surrounding area.”…

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