Monday 24 July 2017
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U.S. Refugee Admissions Pass Trump’s 50,000 Cap

On Wednesday, the U.S. refugee program surpassed the Trump Administration’s 50,000-person cap. Consequentially, many refugees will now be...

French and West African Leaders Launch Task-force to Combat Al-Qaeda

Two weeks ago, a terrorist attack by groups linked to Al-Qaeda killed two people in the Malian capital Bamako and sparked a new round of...

U.S. Government Websites Hacked by ISIS Supporters

On Sunday, a group supportive of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) hacked several government websites, many of them in Ohio. The...

Car Intentionally Crashes into Police Van on Champs-Elysees, Killing Armed Driver

On Monday afternoon a small white car rammed into a police van driving down Paris’ famous Champs-Elysees. Police immediately grabbed the...

Al Qaeda Attacks in Mali

It seems counter-intuitive but as terrorist cells weaken in power they often ramp up their efforts to slaughter as many innocent people...

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