Friday 24 November 2017
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Category: Movies

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ has earned $650 million Worldwide

2017 has been quite the year for caped crusaders. In its second weekend, “Thor: Ragnarok” has topped the box office bringing in $56.6...

21st Century Fox

Disney considers buying 21st Century Fox assets

The Walt Disney Company has recently been in talks with Rupert Murdoch’s media company, 21st Century Fox, to buy sizable amounts of the...

Full cast for Disney’s “The Lion King” live-action remake is announced

The lesson of Hakuna Matata will officially be coming back to theaters everywhere in 2019. Disney has released the official cast list for...

Justice League

“Justice League” predicts $110 mil launch on opening weekend

Saving the world is a popular narrative that we all love to follow, and this team of superheroes is predicted to have the biggest box...

Binge-watching affects sleep quality, new study finds

You kick back in your couch with a snack in hand and commence to turning your laptop on so you can start binge-watching your favorite show....

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