Category: Money

Trump is blocking one of the biggest technology deals in the history

President Trump ordered the Broadcom company that is located in Singapore to cancel or reject its offer of $117 billion dollars for...

Be Careful with Cryptocurrency You Invest in

Cryptocurrency has turned a lot of heads in recent years. Despite its original intent to be the future of currency, it has become a...

Virtual Currency, Physical Violence

Holders of significant digital funds are being threatened with physical violence as thieves seek to rob the digitally wealthy of their...

Bitcoin Mania, No Nickeling-and-Diming Here; A Look at the Cryptocurrency Beginnings

Welcome to our first feature of many on the history, meaning, worth and future of Bitcoin and all cryptocurrency in general. Our first...

Google Wallet Plus Android Pay Equals Google Pay

Google aims to increase user convenience by combining Android Pay and Google Wallet. Previously, Android Pay was the service to use at...

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