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Disney Accused of “Browning Up” White Extras on Live Action Aladdin Set

Recently, Disney came under fire for “browning up” white extras on the Surrey, the UK set of the highly anticipated live action...

Hulu Revives ‘Animaniacs’ with 2-Season Order

Twenty years have passed since the beloved “Animaniacs” left the air on The WB Network, and it now has a two season revival straight to...

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Dominates Holiday Box Office

The Force has definitely touched lots of audience members ever since Disney-Lucasfilm released “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”. As of...

Amazon Begins Shutting Down Online MP3 Locker

Say goodbye to MP3s uploaded to Amazon. The company announced upcoming changes to their music storage plans that started Dec. 18 with the...

Song Review: “Box Me In” By Jirias – Modern Classic

Jirias is an artist in the hip-hop genre who has only been getting better and better with every release, which leads us to his latest...

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