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Bitcoin Mania, No Nickeling-and-Diming Here; A Look at the Cryptocurrency Beginnings

Welcome to our first feature of many on the history, meaning, worth and future of Bitcoin and all cryptocurrency in general. Our first...

Facebook to Rank News Feed Based on Polls

Facebook will be ranking its News Feed based on outlets that a group of users selected as “trustworthy” with the aim to improve the...

Rollaway Risk Triggers FCA Truck Recall

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will recall over 1 million pickup trucks due to rollaway risk. The recall includes certain Ram pickup...

Password Psychology & SplashData’s List

SplashData released its 2017 worst passwords list on Tuesday with ‘starwars’ taking the sixteenth slot. The company warned against...

Twitter Responds to User Harassment with Purge

Twitter’s enforcement of its Hateful Conduct Policy starting Dec. 18 spread fear and outrage among users as content and accounts were...

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