Blender blunder


Vitamix announced on Monday that it intends to recall roughly 105,000 blenders after multiple consumers reported that they cut hands on the blades.

The company stated on its website:

“Vitamix has received 11 reports of lacerations when consumers’ hands came in contact with exposed blades.”

The customers cut their hands after the main portion of the blender was separated for cleaning, consequently exposing the blades at the bottom of the machine.

Vitamix is recalling its Ascent and Venturist blenders, which will be marked as “03-18” on the blade itself. Going forward, customers should ensure that the blender they purchase is marked with a date after this so as to avoid any potential harm.

Vitamix is a private company, so it is currently unclear how this will affect the business, but it likely won’t cause too much harm. Similar to CVS’ recent nasal spray recall, the company dealt with this issue quickly and smoothly to avoid any major publicity. In addition, Vitamix owned up to its mistake and made the changes as soon as the news broke.

When buying products, it is crucial to remember that even major manufacturers make mistakes. It’s imperative to always be aware of any potential design or manufacturing flaws when using products.

Featured Image via Flickr/Mike Mozart